• Kellie Clark

111 Date Ideas for You and Your Boo

1. Spend the day at Thunder Road playing laser tag, arcade games, mini golf, riding go-karts, etc!

2. Find a couple’s workout video together on YouTube

3. Skate for the night at Skate City

4. Each of you rent your favorite movie and order your favorite take out to share

5. Go cosmic bowling

6. Ask each other life questions and respond with the craziest wrong answers you can think of

7. Have a Hallmark movie marathon and predict the ending within the first 5 minutes

8. Shop at the Red River Market

9. Write a song and sing it together

10. Go to the Fargo Escape Room

11. Build an epic fort to watch a movie in

12. Take artsy pictures together downtown

13. Pick a YouTube tutorial and try to learn something together

14. Compete in trivia night at Rhombus Guys

15. Buy each other crazy outfits at a thrift store to wear to dinner

16. Visit three different coffee shops in Downtown Fargo

17. Grab your rain boots and take a walk in the rain

18. Volunteer to be Vacation Bible School teachers together for a week through your church

19. Make a project at Clay Your Way

20. Paint at Creatively Uncorked

21. Drive to the Mall of America and visit The Nickelodeon Universe and Sea Life

22. Create a scavenger hunt and do it

23. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

24. Visit the Plains Art Museum and make up a sophisticated story about the life of the artist

25. Have a Nerf Gun war

26. Spend the night talking around a bonfire eating S’mores

27. Go to Barnes and Noble to eat their Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie

28. Run in a 5K together

29. Go to a drive-in movie at Sky-Vu Drive In (Warren, MN)

30. Watch airplanes take off at Hector International Airport

31. Make up a story for an old item at the Moorhead Antique Mall

32. Try paintball over at Valley Paintball (Wheatland, ND)

33. Buy and put together a lego kit

34. Blast the music and dance in the kitchen

35. Drive to Zorbaz to eat pizza and play games

36. Enjoy a day on the lake

37. Watch the sunset together

38. Drive around finding yard sales and see who can find the coolest "treasure"

39. Test drive your dream cars

40. Go fishing

41. Wake up early to watch the sunrise

42. Make brunch together

43. Buy a 1,000 piece puzzle and try to complete it in one day

44. Ax throw at Triple Ax

45. Watch a movie in another language

46. Go around paying for people (Coffee, dinner, gas, etc)

47. Have a day of board games

48. Kayak on the Red River

49. Play video games (Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, etc)

50. Share a dessert downtown at Nichole’s Fine Pastry & Cafe

51. Have a pinball competition at Fargo Pinball

52. Bike to the outside Dairy Queen in Moorhead

53. Set up a projector and watch a movie outside

54. Go to a barn dance at Arthur’s Barn

55. Set up cornhole, badminton, and ladderball to have a game day in your backyard

56. Take 30 minutes to do your best drawing of each other

57. Buy something cool at the Fargo Street Fair

58. Make pizzas from scratch

59. Buy a cute, new outfit for each other and go out

60. Play pool at Fargo Billiards and Gastropub

61. Take quizzes to find out more about yourselves (Enneagram, Love Language, etc)

62. Try some target practice at Bill’s Gun Shop & Range

63. See a play at Bluestem Amphitheater

64. Take a walk at M.B Johnson Park

65. Rollerblade around Gooseberry Park

66. Go to a concert at the FargoDome

67. Have a compliment battle

68. Have a picnic in the park

69. Go to an amusement park (Red River Valley Fair in West Fargo or drive to Valley Fair in Minneapolis)

70. Cheer for the RedHawks baseball team and stay for the fireworks

71. Bike the Dakota Heartland Trail in Park Rapids to visit Dorset, MN

72. Go to church together

73. Play a one-on-one basketball game at a park or gym near you

74. Look at your favorite animal at the Red River Zoo

75. Have a game night and invite all of your couple friends over (Pictionary, Fish Bowl, Catch Phrase, Uno, etc)

76. Go through your things together and donate what you don’t want/need anymore

77. Volunteer your time to walk dogs for an animal shelter

78. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon and only talk with an accent throughout watching

79. Swim at a pool

80. Make each other a gift from only what you currently have in your home

81. Set up a water balloon/gun fight in your backyard

82. Go to the fanciest restaurant and splurge for the night

83. Babysit a friend’s kid together

84. Recreate your first date

85. Put together homeless care kits and hand them out to those who need them

86. Set up tree hammocks in Island Park

87. Have a karaoke night

88. Join a summer volleyball league through Fargo Billiards and Gastropub

89. Take a class to try something new (Karate, ceramics, painting, learning new language, etc)

90. Drive to Maplewood State Park for a camping trip

91. Take a dance class/lesson

92. Start a Bible study together

93. Do each other’s makeup

94. Choose a cake recipe and see who can make it better

95. Dye each other’s hair a crazy color with temporary dye

96. Have a double date with your parents

97. Trade social media accounts for the day and make funny posts

98. Go to a movie festival at the downtown Fargo Theater

99. Jump around at Sky Zone

100. Road trip to Seven Clans Casino to enjoy their water park

101. Have a viewing party of your favorite series/movie with a group of your friends

102. Create a unique dessert recipe

103. People watch at West Acres Mall and sit down for food

104. Go to a sports game and cheer on the local team

105. Reorganize or paint a room together

106. Take a walk downtown and try to compliment every person you meet

107. Go to the library and read to each other in the character’s voices

108. Jump out of a plane together with Skydive Fargo

109. Spend a whole Tuesday or Thursday watching $5.00 movies at Marcus Century Cinema

110. Make a time capsule

111. Do a mini session or a couple’s session with K.Ranae Photography!

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